Mbembe, “Decolonizing Knowledge and the Question of the Archive”

Welcome back from spring break, all.  The cruelty of the time change occurring as we transition back into the semester is… well, it’s cruel.  Hope you’re all getting through with some high-quality caffeine.

A couple of things.  First and foremost: I want to take each and every class you developed for the syllabus assignment.  They are uniformly fabulous – creative, innovative, the products of a lot of thought and care but also of a willingness to ambitiously imagine yourselves claiming professorial authority over material that for most of you is fairly new.  Bravo.

Second, a relatively easy (!) Achille Mbembe essay just popped up on my Facebook feed via Africa Is A Country.  If you find yourself in need of just a little more reading right now (hahaha), you might find this interesting.  I’ve done a poor job of keeping myself informed about the student protests in South Africa these days, but they are a big deal – and they raise interesting questions in conjunction with the readings we’ll be discussing about the TRC and the growing pains of the New South Africa.


Looking forward to our conversation on Tuesday.

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