CPLT conference TOMORROW!!!!

Alex Beecroft’s announcement, and the full schedule, below.  Seydina at 10:30! Vilashini Cooppann at 4:00!!!!!!! See you there…

Dear All,

A quick reminder about the upcoming 18th annual Comparative Literature conference, this year on the theme of “Worlding the Disciplines.” There will be keynote addresses by the following interdisciplinary scholars:

David Summers, Art History, University of Virginia
Jocelyne Guilbault, Music, University of California-Berkeley
Vilashini Cooppan, Literature, University of California-Santa Cruz.

Full schedule below. Please note that the Saturday sessions will now take place in Humanities Classroom Building, not in Gambrell Hall. Hope to see you there!

“Worlding the Disciplines”
26-27 February, 2016

Friday, 26 February
Sessions at the Inn at USC

10:30-12:30         Session One: Imagined Worlds

Don Wehrs, Auburn University:
Cognitive Constants, Phenomenological Worlds, and Re-Imagining Literary History

Seydina Diouf, University of South Carolina
World literature: listening to the periphery.

Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech:
Continental Gaia

Lunch Break

1:30-3:30 Session Two: Places in the World

Nirvana Tanoukhi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Finding the Drive To Read (Or Do) World Literature

David Beek, University of South Carolina
The Deathbed Novels of William Faulkner and Carlos Fuentes: Regionalism in World Literature

Zhang Jingsheng, University of South Carolina
The Circulation of the Avant-Garde and Its Practices in China in the 1980s

Nicole Simek, Whitman College
Ironic Locations: Bourdieu, Postcolonial Literature, and Anamnesis

4:00-5:30 Plenary Address: Vilashini Cooppan, University of California, Santa Cruz
World Scale, World Literature

Saturday 28 February
All Sessions in the Humanities Classroom Building on the USC Campus

9:30-11:30 Session Three: Networked Worlds

Anne-Marie McManus, Washington University St. Louis
Falling Short of the World: Networks, Archives, and Oral Histories

Jin Xiang, University of South Carolina
Networking Global Korean Literature in China and America

Bernard Oniwe, University of South Carolina
African Woman, Global Sex:  Globalization and Subjectivation in Chika Unigwe’s On Black Sisters Street

James Mulholland, North Carolina State University
Translocalism, Poetry, and the Problem of Circulation in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Madras

Lunch Break

12:30-2:00 Plenary Address: Jocelyne Guilbault, University of California, Berkeley
The Politics of Musical Bonding: New Prospects for the Study of Worlding Creative Practices

2:15-4:15 Session Four: World Enough in Time?

Zahi Zalloua, Whitman College
The Exilic Palestinian: Difference Otherwise than Being

Luo Dan, University of South Carolina
The Chinese Figure as Political Other in the American Imagination

Jeffrey DiLeo, University of Houston-Victoria
On American World Literature

4:30-6:00 Plenary Address: David Summers, University of Virginia
Art History Worlded?

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