Chalice’s Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chalice and I’m in my second year of the MA program. Academically, I’m currently interested in American Gothic (19th century for the most part) and Romanticism. Recent projects have led me to consider intersections between slave or race narratives and Gothic themes. Someday, I’d like to expand into horror and Gothic tropes across different cultures. Graphic novels are also of particular interest to me, but I tend to read more one-shots and manga as opposed to Marvel and DC series.

In this class, I’ll probably focus on any portrayals of violence, madness, isolation, or anger. In addition, I might pay attention to the use of documents and memory in texts; this is usually how I tie things to the Gothic.

I’m always hoping to read more global literature and I think postcolonial theory and topics are interesting, so I’m excited to take this class even though I’m nervous about performing well. The majority of my experience with postcolonial thought has been with Professor Gulick, so I’ve been in good hands. The only African fiction I’ve read are the Aya of Yop City graphic novels and Disgrace and I enjoyed both.

It is a pleasure to meet you all!

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