Readings for the First Week

I’m still putting some finishing touches on the syllabus, but here’s our schedule for next week.

For Tuesday, we’ll read and discuss two short stories:

We’ll put those in conversation with one critical article:

  • Julien, “The Extroverted African Novel” [Full Citation: Eileen Julien, “The Extroverted African Novel.” The Novel, Vol. I: History, Geography, and Culture. Ed. Franco Moretti. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2006. 667-702.

For Thursday, we’ll discuss Part One of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, which should be available at the Russell House Bookstore.  (Please let me know if it’s not!)

This essay is not required reading, but it offers up a rigorous and comprehensive overview and analysis of some of the major currents in theorizing African literature, culture, and politics by one of the field’s most important critical voices to date.  This article is available via the library’s online journal collection.

  • Achille Mbembe, “African Modes of Self-Writing.” Public Culture 14.1 (2002): 239-273.

Be in touch if you have any questions.  Looking forward to next week!


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