“The Changing Face of Nigerian Literature”

Teaching an African lit class fifteen years ago would have been, at least in some respects, a far simpler enterprise: there was a canon, there were canonical authors, and a U.S.-based literary critic could easily overlook writing that didn’t fit into that canon.  That situation has changed, rapidly and drastically – and I will readily admit that I’m very late to the party at this point.  We’ll spend at least a little time on literary forms that are “popular” (as opposed to highbrow/canonical), and on texts that have been published and circulated primarily in Africa rather than abroad.  We will be learning about this archive together.  Here’s an overview of a recent BBC documentary on how local Nigerian literary production has transformed in recent years.


And for any fans of speculative/horror fiction, you might be interested in this volume.  Credit goes to my esteemed colleague Qiana Whitted for sharing this link.  If it’s out in time, you’re more than welcome to write on it!


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